Bibione and Surroundings


Seaside resort overlooking the Adiatic Sea, located in the municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, famous for begin the second beach in Italy with more persons.

 It’s tourist development began in the 50s with the construction of the first accomodation structur and the development of the resort.

 Born in a large pinewood, equipped with modern accomodations and services, providing customers a higt level of comfort and hospitlity.

The beach has bars and restaurants open all the day and lots of fun; every day professional enterteiners offer activities for adult and child, swimming lessons, windsurf, and tennis.

On the beach you can also enjoy youself in the football field, volley place and children’s place area.

Since 2008 our dog can make holiday in Bibione..the place is dedicated to them is “Pluto Beach – La Spiaggia di Pluto”, located to the east Via Procione (the last area before the sector 1).

The bathing establishment offers sunshades, sunbed for the customer and for the dog, bowl and leash.

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For those who love tranquility and nature, interessant is the area with lighthouse near the mouth of the Tagliamento.  From the natural view, is a gem to be discovered. Fossil dune, vegetation, beautiful spring blooms, small wildlife and uncontamiated environment.

Not only Bibione there are also thermal baths (affiliated with the National Health Service), with different treatments and cures.

Those who love boating, find hospitaliy, assitance and expertise to the port of Bibione “Porto Baseleghe”, located in the east cost of Canale dei Lovi. The harbour has 400 berths.

Bibione has preserved the culinary tradition with the cult of hospitality.

The streets in the centre, along the seafront walkway, give to the customers the opportunity to spend relaxing evenings, giving available services, disco, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pubs and shops where shopping meets the tastes of all ages.

For the services, the quality and the same attention for nature and environment, Bibione in 2013 earned his 22° Blue Flag.

Valle Vecchia e Brussa

Along quiet streets that characterize the Venetian countryside, you arrive at Valle Vecchia better know as “The beach of Brussa”.

900 hectares of sandy shore, costal pinewoods and lacustrine areas have turned this area into an ideal place where sea, lagoon and pinewood help one to discover flora and fauna of extraordinary naturalistic and environmental beauty.

Visits can be made by bicycle or on foot along natural paths on the edge of the pinewood or along the sea shore or with your boat along the Veneto waterway.

Within Valle Vecchia is the visit center. The visit center has an important didactic function, mainly dedicated to student visiting Valle Vecchia. It shows naturalist dioramas, panels, teaching files, bibliographic materials and audiovisual media for getting to know the complex environmental reality of the area.

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Laguna Caorle-Bibione

The lagoon and the valleys are a priceless heritage in our territory.

There are thousand hectares of reed thicket and stretches of water where nature is uncontaminated.

The extraordinary nature environment, with the valleys and typical “casoni”, is one of the most valuable areas in Veneto region for the nature’s conservation.

Ancient and extraordinary examples of symbiosis between man and nature, the “casoni”, old fisherman’s house in wood and cane, dominate the lagoon where the fishing took place.

The Caorle-Bibione lagoon has been classified by the European Union as a Site of Community Interest  – SIC.

 It’s worth to reserve all the time for a visit by boat in the lagoon. The slowness of the boat and  the silence will allow you to relax in an area difficult to find. Moreover it’s an opportunity for see up close beautiful birds such as herons and birds of prey such as kites and buzzards.

There are many excursions that can enrich your vacation. For this reason, inside each house you will find a list of suggested locations and a map with directions to reach them.

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